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What Clients are Saying

You were right!!!! He did contact me!!! It's been TWO years!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I get paid on the 31st... Hope I can wait until then to talk with you!! Gotta go for now,
- Amala

Thank you Vickie. So many of our fears are taught/learned from those who had those fears themselves. I've had to work hard to let go of that teaching and find my own "truth". And you helped with that a number of years ago! Hugs!
- Christine Halvorson Mikalson

"Dear Vickie, I just wanted to thank you for your time and your kindness yesterday. I was nervous and excited to get a reading from you. When you started reading my friend Susan, and I realized you really did have the abilities your website said you had, I did become a little afraid and protective of myself, as you quickly picked up on. It felt a little scary to know that it was possible to have you see the real me, and a little disconcerting to think of what that might reveal. You quickly put my mind at ease and were kind, thoughtful, and generous with the both of us. I think you also picked up on the fact that while we have been dear friends for almost twenty years, there are still some ways in which I think we both are guarded with each other and protective of our true inner feelings.

I really appreciated your insight, and I am going to think on the things you told me, and hopefully set another appointment with you in a couple of weeks. It really was amazing and beautiful to see the gifts that you have. Thanks again."
- Shellie (the one with brown hair)

"Hi Vickie,
I’ve had a couple sessions with you and once sent my daughter to you. When my daughter came to see you she was in a bad place because of what’s happened in our family and because her fiancé broke up with her a few months before. When she saw you – you told her she was going to meet her partner in 6 months, and she met this guy – he lives out of state but they make an effort to commute and see each other often. Then when I came to see you a couple months ago you told me to tell my daughter she was going to get married and have 2 kids, the first a boy with curly hair. At the time I had never met her boyfriend Eddie, and I told her what you said then met him a short time later – and couldn’t believe my eyes, this guy had a head full of dark curly hair. I had to laugh."
- Roberta J C

"Hi Vickie, I just wanted to email you and say thank you soooo much for such a great reading on Saturday. I feel so at peace and got so much guidance that I was desperately needing in my life and with my marriage. And just knowing that my grandma is with me that I never met feels amazing to know that. You gave me more than I could pay for. I will definitely be back to visit you again very soon!
- Sincerely, Amanda W.

" My reading with Vickie last week was life-changing. In 30 minutes, she was able to obliterate some long-standing negative core beliefs that years of intermittent counseling couldn't even touch, she helped me define my purpose on this earth, and she guided me to see a recent heartbreak as a springboard to a new, empowered life. I hope I'm not gushing or setting the bar too high for her future clients, but I just wanted to express my gratitude. She is an extremely gifted teacher and we are so lucky to be able to experience her in this lifetime!"
- Tara Nelson

"I have not only received a reading from Vicki, but I have also taken her Psychic Development classes. I gained so much from each experience. During a time when I needed guidance and insight on events in my life, Vicki was very helpful in showing me another perspective. During her psychic development course she showed me how to “hook-up” to my guides for spiritual healing energy. My hands were instantly connected. Archangel Ariel took my right-hand and transmitted healing energy through it, and Archangel Raphael took the other for removing unwanted energy and dis-ease. My hands felt as if they were on fire for three days after that particular class as my energy adjusted to the change. Thank you! I will always remember that experience, as I now use it in my daily life in helping others along their journey with the work that I do."
- Mary Christiansen

"Vickie is the real deal! An adept psychic and telepath. My friends and I were completely blown away by her spot on readings and healings that we'll be back for more! Even though the reading was done in the front of the boutique, Vickie kept the space relaxed and we were comfortable with the openness. My grand-niece had never been read before and was sort of scared, but she felt completely good about the reading and was amazed at Vickie's targeting and helping with her most critical issue instantly."
- Yoly Howell

"I arrived at the Windswept Center for a reading from Vickie Parker. I had never had a reading and was doing it for a girls out weekend. At the end of my reading Vickie preformed a healing for me.

I could feel the negative energy being removed from my body. I also was able to release negative past experiences that had been keeping me tied to the past. A few days after the healing I had the profound sense of inner peace that I have been searching for. Thank You Vickie for healing me from the ties that had binded me to my past."
-Loreli Newman

"I have had the pleasure of receiving a healing session from Vickie and also getting to know her on other levels. We are working together to form an in-person healers' network in Salt Lake City. I know that she teaches classes and I plan on taking a least one of them. I also enjoyed the healing session that I recieved from her. I would recommend Vickie to anyone who is interested in her services."
-Marja Shelley

"Even though I have only met Vickie recently, she is one of those people who you feel immediately comfortable with and who you feel like you have known for lifetimes! You will feel at ease the moment you meet her and it won't take long before you realize that you can be your true self with her.

She freely offers compassion and comfort in addition to her incredulous gift of insight. I can whole-heartedly recommend Vickie as someone that you could go to for whatever it may be that you are seeking to learn about yourself and for assisitance and guidance navigation this thing called "life'."
-Diane Emira

Thank you also for hosting the meetup meetings. Last night's "Meet Your Spirit Guides" helped me see that many of my present life's struggles are because of unfinished business from a past life. Much to think about. An item from my list to accomplish is to document my spiritual discoveries. What fun!"
- Linda Bertoch Anderson

"Vickie's ability to 'see' the situations that are happening now and things that have happened in the past are amazing and right on. She also is able to offer solutions she senses will help the situation. The whole reading was not only accurate but very healing. Still in awe by Vickies abilities"
-Tiffiny Knowley

With the deepest and most sincere gratitude I am privileged to have received a powerful reading from Vickie Parker. So very HONORED to have connected with her, and grateful in finally having truth answered to the many questions deep within me all these past 20 yrs. Again with an amount of high respect for the work Vickie shares with the world; WHAT a helpful Blessing she is!
-Kris R

Dearest Vickie,
"Thank you so incredibly much for the Reading and Energy Healing! I feel so refreshed and better than I have in a long time! I appreciate you and what you do so much! You are so very inspiring. I cannot wait to be able to come back and see you again. I'm sorry for rushing out the way I did. I felt like I could leap from cloud to cloud when we were done. My energy levels were awesome and I still feel so light and clean. I went right home and hugged my family :) I look forward to future readings and to take some classes and learn to open up my very own psychic and spiritual side. I would love some day to do what you do for others, as well.

Thanks so much for everything you have done for me! You gave me a gift I could never thank you enough for!"
-Love, Lexy

Vickie, Thank you very much for taking time out of your Saturday to work with my son and me. It was very nice to talk with you. I’m sure you get this a lot but I could talk to you all day. It is people like you that make the world a better place and will ultimately bring about change. Have a great day!
- Meredith Mackie

"Hello Vickie,
I wanted to say Thank you again...and that I feel a lot better, even though I still have a lot of things to ponder about, I feel less alone now that I know that my favorite two "ladies" are in my corner and have not forgotten about me. I will seriously look into what we talked about because I think that will help me in the long run."
- Sheila

Vicky, I am certainly at a crossroads, my life is changing forever. I am free for the first time in years! The last years have been difficult financially but I could not step off the path, I could not turn aside. This new beginning is everything and more. All this to say, your Facebook psychic reading posts have been affirming, encouraging and reminding. I can't wait to have a personal reading with you!!
- Connie W

Dear Vickie Parker,
I would like to express my gratitude for yesterday's reading. Not only do I feel much better but it's been very insightful. I did what you told me and everything's been working out just like you said! Let’s say that I just can't wait to get another reading from you when the circumstances allow. Thank you so much! Love and blessings!!
- Sincerely, Joe Echegaray.

" Hello Vickie, I wanted to say "Thank you!', again as well as let you know that even though I didn't tell you at the time, I was very much amazed to find myself with tears running down my face after the meditation! I wasn't even aware of it - I was like, "What is this liquid?" LOL Also, I seemed to have regained my singing voice (because I was slowly losing it before...) and now I am just waiting to see what else will happen! :) "

Vickie; Thank You so much for the distant healing for my friend Dean Chester. He is improving. He is on the right medication for his depression and anxiety, and his drinking problem. He hasn’t had a drink in two months and he hasn’t had a cigarette in a month. He has got his old flat back. He is also involved in a number of therapy groups which are helping him so much.
-Emily Jayne Ryder

I can't even tell you how much your reading meant to me. I have already been implementing new things and have had a much brighter, positive outlook. I can sense HUGE changes on the horizon and I couldn't be more excited or less scared. So thank you! My aunt, grandma and sister all want to come see you for a reading. You really helped me make sense of a lot of things and I am forever grateful.
- Bre Covington

Wow, realized today that I was still trying to "Fix" the person I had a contract with, even though we had said that wasn't my role for this life LOL. Instead acknowledged the contract and am implementing the "correct" role, in meeting this person as an equal and loving them as an equal. So much more peace. Thank you Vickie for making me aware of this so I could open the right doors within myself.
- Kierra Tucker

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What Students are Saying

"Wow. I am thrilled at the thought of learning from you. You have taught me so much just today. Your energy is beautiful and powerful and healing. Thank you, infinitely."
- Michelle Larsen

"Vicky is a wonderful person to work with. She is well-organized, dedicated, and punctual. She could have twenty different activities going on at once, and she would still be one top of them all. She is knowledge and in tune with each person and activity that she is involved with. Vicki loves to work with others, and enjoys empowering and promoting those around her. She if very ethical, fair, and very good at what she does. She would be a blessing for anyone to work with."
- Mary Christiansen

"This topic was very enlightening. I have always been a firm believer in Karma and have seen it at work, both in myself and in others. Taking this adventure and seeing how it works, was fascinating beyond words.

When we traveled to the Karmic Arena and Vickie asked us to call upon someone we wanted to work out a Karmic issue with, I was hesitant at first. But I listened to what Vickie said about all of us having a higher truth, and suddenly I was at ease.

I guess my hesitation layed within the people I wanted to call upon, and them not being receptive to me and why I was calling upon them. I was pleasantly surprised to see them appear and be able to complete my goal. Each week I look forward to this meetup group! Three weeks in for me and it has already made such a positive change in my life. Thank you, Vickie!!"

"Vickie is not only a gifted psychic but a knowledgeable, confident, caring teacher. I have received a reading, a healing, and taken classes from Vickie. The reading was right on the mark, very accurate. The healing was wonderful, I felt rejuvenated and at peace afterwards. The classes were amazing. They have opened a whole new world to me and changed me and my life in more ways than I can describe, and all for the better.

The classes are extremely healing. I have learned so much in such a short time period and made wonderful connections with the other students. Each month I wait on pins and needles for the next class, I can't wait to see what I will learn and discover next. I can honestly say The Windswept Center and Vickie Parker have helped me to open up to, and express my true self."
-Tiffiny Knowley

"Vickie has helped me to truly change my life and become a better all around being. The things that she has both shown me and taught me are priceless. Vickie thank you so much for all that you do! I Love You!"

"What a fun night! It was an interesting experience to find someone's aura boundaries and to step into it (with their permission of course) :) All of the exercises that we did really opened my eyes as to how much energy we are surrounded by every day, whether it is from the door knob or your co-worker.

It makes you think about how that energy is co-mingling with your own and to recognize when people or objects are in your aura space, or yours in theirs. This was an entirely new way to connect with others in the group and it was really a great time. ”
-Diane E

To describe Vickie and her gifts/skills/attributed in just a few sentences, would not be doing her or The Windswept Center, justice. I literally happened to stumble across The windswept Center. I showed up to take a class and met Vickie, and was instantly blown away. Vickie is a master at her craft. Skillful and knowledgeable, able to communicate effortlessly, to anyone, in any manner that they can understand.

Her teaching methods are incredibly precise. She is able to reach each student on their own individual level and enable them to capture and use the tools she is educating them with. After attending many of her classes, the countless "a-ha" moments come across all of her students faces, is astounding. I would highly recommend Vickie and The Windswept Center for personal development, readings, teachings and all the many gifts they have to offer.
-Laura Gifford

Since I've met Vickie my life has changed so much, I have found an awareness that has brought inner peace and I AM SO EXCITED TO LEARN MORE!! LOVE YOU VICKIE!!" -Jessica

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