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Inner Healings with Vickie Parker



Illness, sickness and other problems start in our energy body system first. If this energy is not removed it can move into the physical body and cause disease.

Everything in the whole universe is made up of energy. From the planets to humans to animals to plants and every animate and inanimate being or object that exists or has existed through out time.

This energy system contains all of information of every experience and emotion that each and every one of us has experienced or felt in our lifetime. This information is stored in the energy body and can be accessed by an energy healer who can read and heal the energy system. This energy presents itself as pictures (images of what happened) or blocks (trauma, and other stressful experiences) or physical and mental illnesses that manifests in the human body.

The Energy Healer works directly with the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of this energy body affecting the healing and releasing of blocked and distorted energy patterns, enabling the innate intelligence to operate freely restoring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Results of the energy healing is immediate. The client usually feels the effects of the healing within minutes after it starts. Their body begins to relax. Physical aches and pains become less and then disappear. Stress and anxiety give way to a sense of well being. When the healing ends not only does the client feel better physically but they share they haven’t felt this great emotionally and mentally in years. Even their face looks younger, healthier and relaxed.


What are Energy Healings?


Each and every one of us have experiences from birth to current time that influence how we feel and respond to the world around us. It not only impacts the physical and emotional body but also the energy body in and around us. This energy body is comprised of energy channels in the arms, legs, chest and back. As well as the main chakras of the body that can’t be seen with the human eye.

The energy body is the first level where we receive information from people because everything starts as energy. Emotions, words, and thoughts received from other people are all energy and we hear and feel them first energetically.

If our response to the energy is pain, hurt, denial or anger or other emotionally charged responses than this energy embeds itself in our energy body. We house all of this information in the form of energy ‘pain’ pictures that are from childhood, relationships and other types of interactions with others. When this enters the energy body and the response to it is hurt, anger, and other emotions this ‘pain’ energy can enter into the body and cause physical problems.

Energy Healings remove all of this energy before it enters the body and causes health issues and diseases. Moving out the energy gives back and changes the person’s life to a more healthy balanced and much happier state of being.

Healings with Vickie Parker

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"Do you ever feel angry and negative and you don't know why? That is exactly how I felt for the past 8 years. When I made my appointment with Vickie I never thought it would change my life. I had never been to a psychic and I didn't know what to expect. I signed up for a reading and a healing. The reading was amazing, but the healing changed my life. Vickie explained, we can pick up negative energy and wear it around like a big coat. Vickie was able to identify my negative energy and the fascinating part, she could associate the negative energy with who or how I obtained it. After she removed the negative energy, I could feel my huge black coat removed. Not only do I feel positive and happy, my husband hasn't been yelled at in months!"

-A Husney

Remote/Distant Healings

Remote/Distance Healings are available for clients who prefer healings in the privacy of their own home, or live outside of the state of Utah. A certified Energy Healer who can read and heal the energy system of the human body performs the healing.

The healer tunes into the energy of the person they are healing and heals the energy system in and around the physical body.The energy system of the body is comprised of energy channels in the legs and arms, back and chest, the 7 main chakras and the aura/energy field around the body.

The healing takes place on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level and releases the energy of trauma and other stressful experiences, as well as old painful emotions out of the energy system of the body.

The healer ‘looks’ at and ‘sees’ the energy of childhood/parent issues (such as rape or other abuse), or relationship issues, identity crisis, or whatever the issue/s are for them.The information of what the healer is ‘seeing’ and removing is shared with the client during the healing.

All of our healings can be performed via Remote/Distance.


Healing the Energy Body

During an energy healing the client sits comfortably in a straight back chair as the Energy Healer moves around them healing and removing old childhood energy, pictures and traumas and other stuck energy from the legs and arm channels, and the chakras and aura.

Energy healings remove and clear blocked and trapped emotional and mental energies. These energy patterns are stored from events that happened yesterday as well as from many years ago. Some of these patterns will be happy memories and some of them will be unpleasant and painful memories.

The healing begins with the leg channels, one in each leg, and the healer shares what they see and what they are healing. After the leg channels are clear they move on to the chakras and heal and balance them back to their natural state of well being. The arm channels and the aura also receive removal of energy that no longer serves the client or is not even their energy.

Healing results are immediate. Our clients say they haven’t felt this good in years and share their amazement that childhood traumas and other experiences could affect them on an energy level in a physical way.

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